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Welcome to our Hairdressing School
We are a salon based training centre offering NVQ courses, our own academy courses and also refresher courses.
We are based on the Wirral in Cheshire.
On our hairdressing courses, you will train within our salon, alongside our team of highly skilled hairdressers on an intensive training programme.
  Hairdressing Course
 with NVQ Level 2 option
 We believe that this is the best way to train as it is gives you a great platform to launch your hairdressing career. We will teach you what you need to know to be a successful commercial hairdresser.
 The beauty of our courses are that you get the 'salon floor' experience that you won't get at college.
 We know that when you apply for a hairdressing job, the first thing the employer will ask is "What salon floor experience do you have?".  As employers ourselves, we rarely employ hairdressers that have trained at college, simply for that reason. You will be assisting our hairdressers, as well as carrying out hairdressing services on models and dummy heads.
 These courses will immerse you in the workings of a busy commercial salon and prepare you for the exciting world of hairdressing. You will cover shampooing, blow drying, setting, colouring, foil highlighting, cutting, hair-ups and much more, we will provide you with the skills to embark on a successful hairdressing career.
 You will practise on dummy heads, real models and work on real clients..We will also help you build a photo portfolio of your work to show to potential employers. You also have the option of completing your NVQ  qualification.
 This course is also suitable if you have been away from hairdressing for a while and want to retrain.
  Hairdressing Course
 with NVQ Level 3 Option.
This course is ideal if you have already learnt the basics in hairdressing and want to further your learning in a salon based environment.
 We are different because we train you within our own salon, alongside our team of hairdressers.
 We believe that this is the best way to train as it is a realistic environment and prepares you for your future career.
 The beauty of our course is that you get the 'salon floor' experience. 
 We don't just get you through the qualification, we aim is to turn you into a competent stylist that can either get a hairdressing job or work as a self employed hairdresser. With us it isn't just about getting you the piece of paper in the shortest time.
 We don't believe that you can get the necessary experience in less than 6 months. On the course, you will learn more advanced cutting and colouring techniques, for example emerging cuts and colour correction, advanced colouring, and long hair styling.
 You also have the option of completing your NVQ 3 qualification.
Course Fees
Cheshire Hairdressing Academy Diploma 
6 Month Beginners Course

9 Month Advanced Course
(easy payment terms are available)
12 Month Course Beginners and Advanced course
(easy payment terms are available)
Cheshire Hairdressing Academy Diploma with
 NVQ 2 Qualification
9 month course
12 month course
Cheshire Hairdressing Academy Diploma
with NVQ 3 Qualification
9 month course
12 month course
(NVQ 2 or commercial competence is
 required for this advanced course).
Tel 0151 336 2003
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