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Welcome to our Hairdressing School
We offer a range of hairdressing courses designed for hairdressers that feel that they need more training.
 Our courses are tailor made to your needs. We sit down with you and go through each hairdressing service to find out which areas of hairdressing you need help with. 
For you, it may be colouring you need help with, or maybe cutting short hair, or blow drying long hair or a combination of various services. 
Courses are running all the time and are a combination of practical, theory, observation and demonstration. We keep the classes small and they are often one on one.
 Because we teach from our salon you will learn the skills that you need to work in a salon environment rather than in a college environment. We concentrate on teaching you the practical skills as opposed to mainly theory based courses.
Academy Cutting 1
Academy Cutting 2
Academy Blow Drying 1
Academy Blow Drying 2
Academy Colouring 2
Feel free to visit us
 or if you are ready to book we can enrol you over the phone.

Next course dates
Wed 17th April 2019 3 day foil highlighting spaces available
Tuesday 23th April 2019 3 day gents hairdressing spaces available
Wednesday 24th April 2019 1 day colouring course spaces available
Thursday 25th April 2019 1 day gents hairdressing spaces available
Wednesday 1st May 2019 1 day cutting course spaces available
Thursday 2nd May 2019 1 day gents cutting spaces available
Wednesday 8th May 2019 3 day cutting course spaces available
Thursday 16th May 2019 3 day combined coure spaces available
Wednesday 29th May 2019 3 day perming course spaces available

Other dates are available and hours/days etc are flexible.

Refresher/Short courses 

Cutting Course 1 day 99
Colouring Course 1 day 99
Combined Training 1 day 99

Cutting Course 3 days 250
Colouring Course 3 days 250
Combined Training 3 days 250

Cutting Course 6 days  499
Colouring Course 6 days   499
Combined Training 6 days  499

3 Day Basic Perming 250
3 Day Advanced Perming 350

3 Day Foil Highlighting 350

1 Day Colour Theory 175

3 Day Gents Hairdressing 350

3 day courses can be atttended over 3 weeks
6 day courses can be attended over 6 weeks
Tel 0151 336 2003 or 07772-326063 for more information

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